I started my Martial Arts journey almost 30 years ago. Master Shields has been with me for almost all of my training. I learned to be a better person, have discipline, how to defend myself and the true meaning of loyalty. From my time as a student, to my time as an instructor, fighting, coaching, cornering and running my own facilities, Master Shields has been there through it all. As an instructor, you will not find a better depth of knowledge explained and demonstrated with passion and patience. Master Shields is a one of a kind!! He is my instructor, my mentor, my insperation but most importantly, my friend. As a professional MMA trainer, I highly recommend his Academy. On a personal note, I have made so many friends along the way. Sign up today, garunteed it will change your life.


What a wonderful place to train! I dropped in for two classes during a visit to the city and was pleasantly impressed. As someone who has never done martial arts I felt very comfortable in both classes because of how I was treated by both the members and the trainers. Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging the entire time. The trainers were very detailed in their directives; which was very important for someone like myself who didn’t even know where to begin! I was also provided with the necessary equipment since I didn’t have any of my own. I highly recommend this facility!!


This was the best thing for my Grandson.. I enrolled him just after he turned 5 because he was having trouble in school and we needed help. He not only loved the classes but became a Black Belt at the age of 7…… This school helped with his focus issues (ADHD) but it gave him confidence to speak up and participate in class and school. We miss you guys and you will always hold a special lace in our hearts.


What an outstanding place!! my daughter and I travel from Massachusetts so she can receive the best instruction from talented,well rounded instructors. As a result to how amazing they all are we are looking to relocate! So if you are looking into martial arts check them out!!!


If you are thinking of going anywhere for martial arts training, fitness, self-defense or just need a boost of confidence, THIS is the place to put your time in to. Even if you’re nervous at first, they make you feel at home and everyone is like family. I miss them when I can’t go to class and they really REALLY put time into teaching you not only the technical part of the arts, but why things work and really give you an understanding of what you’re doing. You will not feel intimidated here, you will feel at home. Time and money flexibility is a huge plus. You and/or your children will gain out-of-class lessons too, in respect for yourself and others.