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From Self-Defense To Self-Improvement, You’ll Get It All With Scott Shields Filipino Style Martial Arts in Concord!

Are you looking for the most effective and well-rounded Martial Art for self-defense? Congratulations, because that’s what you’ll get when you take the Filipino Martial Arts classes at Scott Shields Jaguar Martial Arts in Concord.

When it comes to learning Martial Arts, it doesn’t get any better than Scott Shields’ Filipino Martial Arts classes! Through a blended style of Kali, Silat, Escrima and Arnis our expert Martial Arts instructors will help you master the use of bladed, blunt, flexible and improvised weapons. You will learn striking, attack patterns, defenses and disarm as well as strategies to make sure you are prepared for an altercation. You will also learn how to utilize empty hand strikes, kicks, knees, elbows and off-balancing sweeps and take-downs. You will also the rich history and philosophies of this ancient martial art.

Pure Self-Defense. Perfect Form. It’s All Yours With Filipino Martial Arts Classes in Concord!

When you choose Scott Shields to train you in Filipino Martial Arts, you’ll be rewarded with a whole host of benefits:

After your very first class, you will already love the Filipino Martial Arts. By combining practical self-defense and art with concentration, coordination, and focus, you’re training will become one of the most rewarding areas of entire life. Plus, you’ll be building life-saving self-defense skills as you learn to protect yourself and your loved ones from any attack!

“The instruction and guidance has had a profound impact on the importance of self-defense. It is hoped that this knowledge will not have to be used; however, if it is, the instruction will be very beneficial…”
Sgt. H.T. Parker, Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office

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If you’re ready to get serious self-defense skills for real world situations, you don’t need to look any further than Scott Shields Jaguar Martial Arts and our Filipino Martial Arts classes.

And when you choose to try our Filipino Martial Arts classes before the end of the month, we’ll give you your very first class at no charge, absolutely FREE! That’s because we’re so sure you’re going to love our Filipino Martial Arts classes you won’t be able to wait to come back for more!

To schedule your FREE class, and to get access to our limited-time new member special discounts that expire at the end of this month, take a moment to complete the brief form on this page. We’ll get you set up to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity!

Benefits Of Concord Filipino Martial Arts

  • YouÆll learn to respond to violent threats with lightning-fast speed and powerful strikes
  • YouÆll develop unbreakable concentration and focus
  • YouÆll be able to think several moves ahead, allowing you to outsmart any attacker